Paying Attention While Driving

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Whether you are in the car with another person who won't stop talking or whether you are on the phone, listening to the radio or just daydreaming, it is incredibly easy to lose your focus while driving.
The vast majority of vehicular accidents take place because the person who was behind the wheel of the car was not paying attention. In fact, most people who are involved in vehicular accidents will even admit that they weren't paying attention or something took their focus away for that split second, which caused them to become involved in the accident. We live in a day and age where various areas are becoming overpopulated with people due to things such as job availability, suburban sprawl and the construction of shopping centers and strip malls. All that this simply means is that we need to learn how to get along with each other both off the roads as well as on the roads.
I was shocked when I was walking through my apartment complex (which is relatively small) and was almost ran over by a person who was flying over the speed bumps in their sport utility vehicle. After the shock and anger subsided, I couldn't help but think of how ironic it was that the very reason speed bumps were put into the apartment complex was to prevent people from speeding; and here was this person who was not only speeding but who almost ran me over just so that they could drive around the speed bump to get to the other side of the apartment complex. I wondered what the big rush was. And that's just the point. It seems as if all of us are in a big rush to get nowhere soon. Sure, the end of the workday might have seemed as if it would never get here, but now that it has, does this really mean that you should drive full speed ahead to make it home?
Especially for those who have small children, paying attention while driving is even more important. After all, while you want to be able to pay attention to what your child is doing in the back seat of your car, do you really want to pay attention to what they are doing while sacrificing both your safety and theirs? Use your rear view mirror to occasionally glance back; but never ever turn your torso or head around to give him or her your full attention. After all, remember where your full attention is supposed to be! Whether you are in your car and are trying to focus on driving somewhere or if you are trying to get from Point A to Point B without getting killed, it will always be in your best interest to make sure that you are giving the road, lights, stop signs, traffic signals, pedestrians and other motorists your full undivided attention.

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Paying Attention While Driving

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This article was published on 2010/03/26