Overcoming Attention Deficit Disorder in Children

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Attention deficit disorder in children is one of the causes of learning disabilities. If you have been wondering why your child has been consistently performing poorly in school and has been lagging way behind his peers in his development, this article can help you find the answers to these troubling questions.

There are behavioral tell tale signs for ADD or attention deficit disorder in children. As a parent, you need to pay attention and observe your child's behavior to see and find out whether or not your child is exhibiting the symptoms of ADD or attention deficit disorder.

Check if your child has difficulty paying attention and maintaining concentration. Reading a story to your child is one way to find this out. Observe your child's reaction and conduct while you are reading the story to him. Is he interested one moment and uninterested the next? Is he easily distracted? Does he tend to do something else other than pay attention to you? It is important that you choose an interesting story and use an animated tone in reading so that sheer boredom can be ruled out as a cause of the above behavior.

If, despite your animated storytelling, your child still finds it difficult to pay attention, is easily distracted and tends to do many other things within a short span of time, it is possible that attention deficit disorder in children has something to do with it.

Moreover, check if your child has difficulty understanding and following instructions. Find out if he has trouble finishing tasks and if he tends to jump from one task to another. It is important that these symptoms be established as a pattern of behavior rather than intermittent occurrences.

It is also crucial that you set up an appointment with your child's teacher to ascertain that your child's pattern of behavior is consistent in both school and home settings. If it is in the affirmative, then the next stop should be with a medical professional for diagnosis. A medical professional's diagnosis is crucial in your child's treatment. They are experts in this field and are properly trained to determine whether or not the symptoms are indeed attributable to ADD and not to any other conditions.

If your child is subsequently diagnosed with attention deficit disorder in children, beware of prescription medications. These drugs do not cure ADD and contain properties that cause side effects to children that may be harmful and injurious to their health.

Instead, resort to natural treatments of ADD such as homeopathic treatments and behavioral therapy. These treatments are proven effective and safe. Moreover, they do not have side effects. The proper treatment is your best bet against ADD, so you need to choose wisely.

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Overcoming Attention Deficit Disorder in Children

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This article was published on 2010/04/04