Dealing with Attention Following Breast Augmentation

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If you plan to have a breast augmentation, you have many things to consider. Among them is how you will deal with attention following your breast augmentation. This may not seem like a big deal, but many women are surprised by the discomfort such attention causes them. Make sure you choose a cosmetic surgeon with the kind of experience and personal concern necessary to help you prepare for a smooth transition.

If you are basically an outgoing person who is used to being the center of attention, you will probably have little difficulty dealing with attention following breast augmentation. But if you are a low profile person who wants breast augmentation for more modest reasons, the attention may be uncomfortable, even if it is entirely positive. In either case do prepare, because you will be noticed.

While the bottom line is that it is no one else's business, you cannot ignore the fact that the more dramatic the change, the more attention you will attract. The less dramatic the change, the more likely you can divert that attention.

Change Your Style After Breast Augmentation

Your old wardrobe will look different on you. Either you will fill them out better or they will fit more tightly. Since you will need new clothing, eventually at least, consider changing styles immediately and include some that did not work as well with your former contours.

If your style changes dramatically people's attention may be focused on your new clothes, casting some doubt on whether your breast size changed. If you time these changes to coincide with your debut after breast augmentation and change your hair style, posture or other behaviors all at once, people's attention will be spread in several directions. They are more likely to see the overall "package," encouraging a positive impression.

Change Your Breast Size Gradually

If you think the attention you will receive after surgery might be too uncomfortable, try increasing the appearance of your breast size gradually. Wearing sizers is a common step women take to decide what size they want their breasts to be. But consider wearing incrementally larger sizers over several weeks. Make the change gradually. People may never realize exactly why you look better lately.

This may be an especially important step since women's major complaint about their breast augmentation surgery is that they wished they had chosen a different size. Rather than making abrupt bra cup size changes make your changes gradually and take all the time you need to decide on the best size. When you are most comfortable with your breast size, outside attention will be easier to deal with.

The best news is that such attention dwindles quickly.


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Dealing with Attention Following Breast Augmentation

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This article was published on 2010/11/19