Attacting Girls To You Like A Magnet- Attracting Women No Matter Where You Are At

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Have you ever been so intrigued by how a sexy woman looked that you bought her a drink? Of course you have, we all have. Did you get her number? Well probably well over half the time she engaged in a little bit of conversation, and left you high and dry. How can you change those odds so that most of the time you are walking away with her number, or even walking away with her on your arm? Here are some basics, and I mean real basics to meeting women that will totally change your game and the results you have been getting for the better. So listen up, cause here we go.

If you want to get her number then the best thing you can do is pay her no attention. That is right! Walk up to her group and talk to her friends. Make them laugh, show them some magic, tell a great story. Whatever you do though don't pay her any attention. A pretty woman is used to men flocking to her and she is used to being the center of attention. If you ignore her she will start trying to interject herself into the conversation.

When the good looking one tries to talk just ignore her, I mean don't be rude but don't show her any attention, this will drive her nuts. When she tries harder you can joke "Wow she is pushy huh?" to her friends. When they all laugh it makes it the pretty girls mission in life to get your attention. Now about ten minutes into this intrigue you tell her friends you need to talk to her.

You have been kind of rude you tell them and wonder if they would let you two alone for a second. They almost always will without question. Now is the time that you discretely make your move. Touch her hair and tell her it is intoxicating. Don't compliment her too much though or you will ruin all you have been working on thus far. This is the time when you tell her that you have another engagement and you have to go, but you wish there was a way the two of you could continue this later. She will give you her number 9 times out of 10.

Is 9 times out of 10 better odds than you are getting now? That is because you have been doing what everyone else does in a club. If you have had a lack of dates it is evidence that their way stinks. This way has been proven to work. So if you want to be successful at meeting gorgeous women try it out and you will see.

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Attacting Girls To You Like A Magnet- Attracting Women No Matter Where You Are At

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This article was published on 2011/01/11
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